Cool,Warm,Netural colours.....whats dose it all mean .....?

All colours fall into groups known as cool, warm or neutral (natural).

Colour is expressive and can be artistic, but when it comes to makeup there is no hard and fast rules about colour. However, as a general rule, makeup looks best when colours are used from the same colour family.  

COOL colours look best with other cool colours and WARM with warm, whilst neutral/natural colours go well with either. It is important that eye, cheek and lip colour is in harmony on the face, and ensure you frame the eyes in harmony with your outfit. Use colour to enhance the colour of your iris.

The point of makeup is to play and experiment.NO! colour is out of bounds.

Cool colours -Cool colours suggest coolness, and are dominated by blues, greens, violets, and blue-reds. But reds can be both cool and warm. If the red lipstick is blue based, it is cool. If the red lipstick is orange based, it is warm.
The same kind of thing can happen with greens. If a green contains more gold, then it is warm. If a green contains more blue, it is cool. Whenever most colours have a blue base, they will always be a cool colour. 

Warm colours-Warm colours range from yellow to gold through the oranges, red-oranges, most reds, and even some yellow-greens.

Neutral/Natural colours -  have neither blue nor yellow undertones.


For a person with a light skin tone, you can use light colours for a soft, natural look, but using medium to dark colours will give you a more dramatic look.

For a person with a medium skin tone, medium colours will create an understated look, but by using light or dark tones will give you more contrast and appear bolder.

For a person with a dark skin tone, dark colours will be most subtle, but medium to medium-light or bright colours will be vivid.

If you want to use a colour that is lighter than your skin tone, look for translucent, shimmery colours.