Create the Perfect Eye Brow

Always Wanted that Perfect Arch ? The Perfect Shape ?

Here are some great tips to achieve the PERFECT brow.  

The eyebrows are one of the most important feature of the face when it comes to our makeup look. They frame our eyes and therefore form a border around them.  

Eyebrow shapes vary depending on our personal likes and our grooming regimes and colouring. Sometimes a little extra grooming is necessary ,however it is important not to change the eyebrows to much as we should have them appear as normal as possible.   

When starting to create your new eyebrow shape its always best to start using a pencil to help you determine the correct brow shape. Once you have worked out a shape you prefer powered eye shadow or brow powder with a sable angle makeup brush is best to create a soft natural look for your brows as a pencil with leave hard lines.   

Brush your brows into the shape you desire, using a brow brush. This shape should form a clean, tapered line if properly styled.

1.  Placing your pencil at the corner of your nostril directly up near the inner eye area this is where the beginning of your brow should begin

2. Placing your pencil once again at the corner of your nostril and lining it up with the centre of your iris, at this point this is where the peak or the ARCH  of your brow should be.

3. Place your pencil on a slant from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye on the same side of your face. You will see that this intercepts the outer end of your brow and this is where your eyebrow should finish. .

Set your brows using a brow gel. Lightly brush through brows so as not to remove the makeup. If you do not have a brow gel, you can spray hairspray onto a brow brush.