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Foundation is the most important requirement for your makeup to look good. If you do not choose the correct colour for your skin ,then the makeup you apply will make your whole look appear cakey and your face will look orange or to pale. 

You should refer your face to an artist canvas-with the proper base coat, the super varnish will ensure the that topcoats/products you apply glide on smoothly and help them to stay on. 

Your foundation should be an extension of your skin care routine more them to camouflage device, with today' technology of including sun protection to most foundations and moisturizers this will help to make your skin stay and appear younger.   

However the most difficult part of foundation is to find the exactly right product and colour for yourself, foundation colour choice is the most important thing to ensure that you end up with faultless complexion and are not looking like you are wearing a mask.  

Suitable Foundation Textures for your skin   

Sheer Foundation-usually contain silicon's that make it glide on and gives your look a soft appearance with looking oily.

Oil-based Foundations -Works wonders on dry and flaky skin types. This can be slightly heavy

Cream Foundations -  This foundation look lovely on more mature skin types, its smooths over the skin and is kind of wrinkles and surface lines. It gives a natural look finish while still providing confidence with a boosting coverage.

Matte Foundation  - (Oil free) The foundation tends to require quick application and thorough blending as it dries out soon as it touches the skin. This is a good foundation with Mediterranean skin types with oily T-zone as it stays shine free for longer than other foundations. A very light application of moisturizer to the skin first will heap glide the foundation on easier.

Foundation Tips  

Never make a colour decision in artificial light, this can be deceptive and the colour can look totally different in day light.

When choosing a foundation to match your skin always test on the jaw line or neckline.  

Always allow the foundation colour to sit on your skin first before you buy it. As the acid balance in your skin may change the colour over time and end up not being the right shade. 

Lightest texture foundation is better form older women. 

Pot foundations are normally oil based giving a heavier coverage. 

A primer can be used under the foundation to enhance the appearance of skin by tightening pores and boosting elasticity to prevent a patchy look. It creates a velvet surface for your base to blend well and meet the neckline.   

When applying your foundation always check around the nostrils, in the creases, over the jaw line and around the hairline for blending. Blending thoroughly for a more natural look try meet the hair line without covering your hair.

It is always better to start with a smaller amount of foundation and add more for a fuller coverage, rather than subtracting. 

Try keep makeup layers to a minimum for daywear, as its always important to try keep the true texture of your skin.